Data Backup & Recovery

More than ever before, making sure your business critical data is backed up safely is critical for your business. Its extremely important to keep checking on your backup solution. By making sure your data is actually able to be restored you will be able to sleep sound knowing your data is safe no matter what.

No Backups? Get started now!

Not having a data backup solution is like setting sail on rough seas without a lifeboat; you’re leaving your critical data vulnerable, which can lead to catastrophic consequences for your business. Get in touch today to get a backup solution implemented.

Off-site Backups in Australia

Having backups in a single location is better than having no backups, but without segregated (off-site) backups you are not fully protected against local disasters or security breaches that could compromise both your primary data and its onsite duplicate. Contact ISA today about fully off-site data backups to the cloud in australia.

Microsoft 365 Backups

Many business owners and staff have the wrong idea about Microsoft 365 and other cloud data providers.

“I don’t need data backups, because I use the cloud”

This is a huge misconception about cloud service providers. Your data in the cloud isn’t immune to loss. It’s vulnerable to the same risks that your local data faces. Therefore, backing up your 365 data is a business critical necessity.

5 Reasons you need 365 Backups

  1. Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion, modification, or overwrites of data can lead to significant losses. A dedicated backup solution ensures quick data recovery and uninterrupted business operations.
  2. Retention policy gaps and confusion: Microsoft 365’s retention policies, while comprehensive, can be complex and challenging to manage, potentially leading to unintentional data loss once these policies expire.
  3. Internal security threats: Internal security threats, such as actions from disgruntled employees, pose a significant risk to data integrity, making a robust backup solution essential for safeguarding sensitive information.
  4. External security threats: Facing external security threats like malware and ransomware, having a regular, secure backup of your data is crucial to maintain operational resilience and protect your organisation’s reputation.
  5. Legal and compliance requirements: Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements often necessitates quick access to historical data, a task made reliable and straightforward with an effective backup solution.

Data Backup Consultations

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