Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Data Clean Up & QA

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project (WMPP) is the largest water infrastructure project in Australia, replacing 18,000 kilometres of inefficient earthen channel with 9,159 kilometres of pressurized pipeline and associated structures. The pipeline saved on average 103 billion litres of water a year and provide a continuous water supply to approximately 9,000 farms and 34 townships across the Wimmera and Mallee. ISA Solutions performed Data Clean Up and Quality Assurance data checks on Supply Systems 1-7.

This massive project involved the checking of 9,159km of Pipes and Fittings. We developed and executed a procedure of tests to search for errors and problems in the “As Constructed” data supplied by the contractors who installed the materials. Included in these tests were such test as attribute tests (e.g invalid pipe materials), logical problems (pipe sizes not matching fitting sizes), topology errors (floating fittings, duplicate data), geometric network (disconnections, invalid flow directions). Tens of thousands of errors and mistakes were identified and rectified to allow trusted use of the data for decades to come.

  • Installation of Pipes and Data Capture

  • Extent of Data Checked



Skills Required

Data Quality Assurance
Data Clean Up