Piping IT Esri EView (Dekho) Portal

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project (WMPP) is the largest water infrastructure project in Australia, replacing 18,000 kilometres of inefficient earthen channel with 9,159 kilometres of pressurized pipeline and associated structures. The pipeline saved on average 103 billion litres of water a year and provide a continuous water supply to approximately 9,000 farms and 34 townships across the Wimmera and Mallee.

To enable customer to access details about the new pipeline a public portal was created using eView (now called Dekho) on the PipingIT website (no longer online). This application provided easy access to the 1 TB LIDAR & orthoimagary datasets and allowed customers to plan how they would connect to the new pipeline system. ISA Solutions assisted in configuring the map layouts and also in deploying the server online via a customised Tomcat Server saving the need for another costly eView license.



Skills Required

Network/Web Configuration