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With each organisation having its own specific GIS needs often a customised GIS software solution needs to be developed. But with rapid growth of GIS software & technologies over the last few years the vast number of options can be daunting. ISA Solutions has designed, developed and implemented GIS software solutions to suit the individual needs of the users.

We have worked with the Esri software suite for almost 20 years and can design, configure, develop and implement GIS software solutions based on the entire Esri software range. Weather its a ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcPad or any other mobile or internet solution you need we can assist.

With numerous free open source communities producing fast, stable and highly customisable GIS software, never before has GIS software been so affordable. These packages provide fantastic alternatives to costly GIS software products from commercial vendors. Having almost 20 years of experience in open source GIS we can provide stable desktop, server, mobile or internet GIS software solutions using programs such as QGIS, MapServer, MapProxy, PostGIS & PostgreSQL.

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Data Sourcing

Need some spatial data but either can’t capture it or don’t have the man power to capture it? Seen a GIS dataset but don’t know where to source it from? We have helped organisations capture needed spatial data or assisted them in locating & sourcing suitable GIS datasets.

Even if you’ve located a suitable spatial dataset but found it too costly give us a call. We’ve helped organisations, including Not For Profits, negotiate custom licensing & pricing which has not only saved them thousands of dollars but allowed them better use of the GIS data within their organisations GIS software.

GIS Deployment

Just bought some GIS software and not sure what to do with it? Just received the latest software version and not sure if you should install it? ISA Solutions can install, test, troubleshoot, document changes, and deploy new GIS software or new GIS software versions within your organisation. We specialise in the deployment of commercial GIS software packages such as ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI ArcGIS Server & also open source GIS software packages such as QGIS, PostGIS & PostgreSQL, Mapserver & MapProxy. We can even compile on Linux or Mac and deploy customised open source GIS software packages to suit your needs.

Data Conversion

Do you have large amounts of data “trapped” in corporate GIS databases? Want to access this information in your GIS software to unleash its power. We’ve helped numerous organisation to gain access to such data by locating, exporting and converting it into a suitable form to integrate with their GIS software. No matter how complex the data source is our custom built tools allow us to extract what is required to get you the information thats needed. We can even create & maintain persistent links to such databases giving your GIS software a constant flow of up to date data.

GIS Training

Many staff of GIS enabled organisations fail to utilise the full potential of their GIS software & often this is due to a lack of awareness or knowledge of the system. With our experience we can provide class room based training, one on one training & remote online training to organisations across the country enabling your GIS users to get the most out of the GIS software. The content can be either our standard course content or can be customised to suit your needs. We can even help identify new ways to utilise your GIS software within your organisation and provide the needed customised training to achieve this.

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